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"Board members were rewarded", Xama: Investment Corporation, 43 million euros without doing any work

"Board members were rewarded", Xama: Investment Corporation, 43

Journalist Ola Xama declares that in these 4 years, the Investment Corporation does not have any finalized projects, although 43 million euros have been transferred to bank accounts from the state budget.

According to Xama on MCN Tv, part of this fund was used to pay the board members who received over 20,000 euros each per year.

" The Investment Corporation was approved by a special law in 2020, but in 4 years there is no balance except for some transfers in the total amount of 43 million euros for very good salaries of the administration and bonuses for board members who have not received any concrete decision.

An individual received a reward of over 20,000 euros per year. The corporation has no concrete finalized projects. There are only two projects still in preliminary stages. Only part of the 43 million euros went to salaries, while the rest is in the banks, but it is money and we pay interest ," said the journalist. 

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