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The arrest of the trauma doctor/Association of Anesthetists: It didn't even happen to dangerous criminals

The arrest of the trauma doctor/Association of Anesthetists: It didn't even

The Association of Anesthetists and Reanimators has reacted after the arrest of doctor Fitim Marku yesterday at the Trauma Hospital, after he was caught taking bribes from patients.

In a post on Facebook, the association writes that it respects the actions of law enforcement bodies, but the doctor's arrest was made with fanfare, as has not happened even in cases where dangerous criminals or officials accused of corruption have been arrested.

The association adds that the doctor could have been presented to the relevant bodies with a summons.

Full post:

The Association of Anesthetists and Reanimators of Albania is closely following the case of the arrest of our anesthetist colleague in the Trauma Hospital, Fitim Marku. While we support any action by the law enforcement bodies to investigate and punish any violation committed by anyone while exercising their duties, we express our concern for the derogatory manner in which the doctor was detained. Such footage, made public, where the doctor in uniform is accompanied by masked police does not serve anyone who really wants to improve the health service in the country. It is worth remembering that we have not seen such operations, organized with so much media fanfare, even in the cases of the detention of dangerous criminals or high officials accused of large-scale corruption! We are sure that the doctor colleague would have appeared before the relevant bodies even with a simple summons. Let's also not forget the very thin line that separates simulation during investigation and provocation, which those who organize such operations know very well. We wish that the colleague proves the purity of his image, through a fair legal process!

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