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2 Turks are arrested in the Port of Durrës

2 Turks are arrested in the Port of Durrës

The customs police in the Port of Durrës have hit 5 cases of illegalities at the border.

- Tried to leave Albania, using forged documents, 2 Turkish citizens are arrested in the act. Fake documents (Turkish passports, residence permits) are seized.

- 2 Moroccan citizens who tried to cross the border illegally, hiding in a truck, are at large.

- 1 other citizen who is suspected of having illegally left Albania is being processed at large.

The Border Police Services in Port Durrës, following the checks to crack down on illegalities at the border, based on the information provided by the police intelligence, have hit 2 cases of attempts to cross the border, with forged documents, and 3 cases of crossing border illegal. For these cases:

- the Turkish citizens EB, 22 years old and MD, 29 years old, both residents of Turkey, were arrested in the act for the criminal offenses of "Forgery of identity cards, passports or visas" and "Forgery of documents". These citizens have presented at the counter, at the exit of RS, Turkish passports and residence permits in the Netherlands, which after verification turned out to be forged. After performing the procedural actions, the documents were seized as material evidence;

- the materials were referred to the Prosecutor's Office, where the proceedings started in free status for the criminal offense "Illegal crossing of the state border", for the citizens:

M., 27 years old and MA, 36 years old, living in Morocco, since during the control exercised by the Border Police services, in the second line, they were found hidden in the bottom of two trucks;

D., 50 years old, after the verifications carried out at the entrance of RSh, it turned out that he had previously left Albania illegally.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Durrës, for further actions.

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