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Lawyer: Tahiri can be returned to the cell

Lawyer: Tahiri can be returned to the cell

Lawyer Dorian Matlia declares that the release of former minister Saimir Tahiri is not a violation of the law, because he has fulfilled the conditions, because he has served part of the sentence, he has minor children and his wife is not in good health.

But, according to lawyer Matlia, in the studio of the show 'Te Paespozuarit', the law provides that this measure of release can be revoked and Tahiri can return to prison.

In this case, there is no violation of the law. He had less than 2 years in prison to serve, he had minor children under 10, which is a legal criterion, and the other part that is proven is how incompetent the mother of his children was. If it turns out to be incompetent from the medical-legal expertise, the court is placed in a position to give it.

According to Mr. Maks Haxhia had 4 experts and the court has no reason not to trust them. If the experts have exaggerated, the court can start an investigation and see if we are dealing with a false expert opinion, but not that the court is at fault.

The law provides that this measure can be revoked tomorrow. If it turns out, for example, that the mother of the children is better, he goes back to prison. That article can be used and it is easier for the case of Mr. Tahiri for someone who is dying in prison, because in Tahiri's case it is for the sake of the children, not his. So the purpose of the law is to protect the child, while the one who suffers from an illness in prison is released when the prison does not offer such a service, says lawyer Matlia.

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