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Unlicensed father and son sell drugs at the kiosk

Unlicensed father and son sell drugs at the kiosk

The Fiks Fare show tonight brought an entity that sells drugs in violation of the law, the role of the pharmacist is played by a father and daughter who are not licensed for this.

Fiction brought voice and image, Menduh Ferat, who sells antibiotics without a prescription and gives injections in this environment. He even indicates that he operates in the entire area and can even inject antibiotics as needed.

The Fiks Fare show brought the institution's response to the case, the facility where the drugs were sold had no distinctive sign that it was a pharmacy. The National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices washed their hands saying that in the inspection they found Indrit Ferati who does not have a license and therefore is fined 2 million old lek.

But what another institution, such as the Order of the Pharmacist, says clearly shows that that subject does not have any licensed pharmacist or assistant pharmacist, nor does it have a technical manager, a point which is necessary to exercise the activity. But when it comes to shutting down the illegal entity, the Order says it is the Agency's competence.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ferati himself, who was filmed by Fiksi selling drugs and giving injections, showed that they have been acting in violation of the law for 4 years. According to him, there was a technical director who lost her life 4 years ago, and since that time people have been selling drugs in the subject in violation of the law.

Mr. Menduh Ferati says that the owner of the pharmacy is his son, who continues his pharmacy studies. top channel

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