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Gangs halve the price of barges to Britain

Gangs halve the price of barges to Britain

Human traffickers in the English Channel have halved the price of crossing by dinghy to Great Britain, in an effort to cope with the significant drop in requests from Albanians, foreign media write.

Kurdish gangs have slashed the price of a place on a small boat to the UK to just £1,500, the cheapest fare for the trip since it began in 2018. Such a price is more than half of the previous standard price of £3,500 and over a third of the average fee of £5,000 last year.

Such a move, the article says, comes after the number of Albanians crossing the English Channel dropped by 90 percent in the wake of the new agreement that London signed with Albania last December for a quick repatriation of illegal immigrants.

On the other hand, The Telegraph points out, the British police forces have increased the attacks on the bar houses, which are dominated by Albanian gangs, and the measures against illegal employment have also been toughened. British ministers believe these steps have helped stem the tide of illegal Albanian immigration, which last year accounted for a quarter of the 45,755 migrants who crossed the English Channel. The latest Home Office figures show that so far this year, 24,000 migrants have undertaken this journey.

Source: T he Telegraph

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