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Residents of Bërxulla protest in front of Mortgage: Patience is running out, Dallandyshe Bici has a week's time

Residents of Bërxulla protest in front of Mortgage: Patience is running

The residents of Bëxulla, as they warned the day before, today moved their protest in front of Hipoteka.

Unanimously, they asked the director of the Cadastre, Dallandyshe Bici, to verify their ownership titles. The residents expressed that their patience is running out, as they have been standing up against the Thumane-Kashar project that affects their properties for months.

Despite the calls, so far there has been no response from the authorities.

"For some time, our property titles have been kept in drawers and they have not been given to us. I get a reply and it says; that you cannot take ownership, since the house has no roof. I call on the new director of Hipoteka and Ms. Dallandyshe to get moving. It will not be possible to develop the road without giving us the ownership certificate titles. We will not let the road develop, as if they will wipe us all out.

We are running out of patience. It's good that they haven't taken any measures to start housing compensation, and to accommodate them somewhere, but we don't even have the title deeds. For us, it costs a lot, it is also an economic loss. If we work the land, tomorrow they will come and destroy it. That we know where we will end up tomorrow. Our deadline is Tuesday. We give 1 week to Dalandyshe Bici" , said one of the residents.

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