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Residents of Bëxulla protest again, confrontations with police officers

Residents of Bëxulla protest again, confrontations with police officers


The residents of Bërxulla have protested again about the Thumanë-Kashar road axis since the government project also affects their homes.

The protest was accompanied by clashes and physical confrontations between them and the police officers, who tried to stop the residents from blocking the road.

The residents asked the officers not to touch them and to allow them to protest for their right.

"ARRSH should make requests in the mortgage about the value of the properties. The land here was sold with a notarial deed, in 2022, 229 thousand euros were sold, 50 euros per meter, where did Berberi find 4 euros per meter of land? Or they get their salaries for nothing and do no work. We have our own laws, we are autochthonous, we do not spare the land for the interests of the oligarchs, we will defend it with blood.

This road will be paved without starting the works. It will become like the castle of Shkodra. Here is a masquerade, the company has developed 70% of the works and the project is changed as often as the company wants. We will not retreat! We will take extreme measures, be convinced. If they don't sit down in negotiations with us, it won't be easy" , said one of the residents.

While another has asked the government to give up land theft.

"They have seized our lands, they drowned us with taxes, this is a dog, we will make the land with blood, I will be the first to sacrifice myself. Make it a test for someone to come to my land!” , said another resident.


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