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Draw in the derby, Partizan keeps the distance from Tirana

Draw in the derby, Partizan keeps the distance from Tirana

The 172nd derby of the capital between Tirana and Partizan ended without a winner. The first half spoke in favor of the blue and white who created more and dominated the game, while they found the goal in the 28th minute with Hasan.

With a shot from inside the area, using a rebound after a cross from the right, the striker of Tirana found the way to the net, beating the opposing goalkeeper.

The first half ended with this result.

In the second, Tirana tried to manage the advantage, however, the opportunities from both teams were not lacking. The most favorable was that of Latif who, with the goal almost empty, failed to double the advantage.

Keko found the net in the 79th minute for Partizan, coming off the bench. He was accurate with a shot from inside the area, taking advantage of the 'abandonment' by Tirana's defense.

The remaining minutes did not bring any other goals and the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

With this result, Partizan keeps the difference between the teams at seven points, with the red in second place and the white and blue in third.

At the top of the championship is Egnatia with 35 points. However, in the middle of the week, Partizan plays the back-to-back match against Teuta, the last place. In case of victory, it goes -1 from the first place.

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