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Beleri is elected MEP, Milo: If Apeli acquits him, Albania-Greece tensions will be relieved

Beleri is elected MEP, Milo: If Apeli acquits him, Albania-Greece tensions will

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Paskal Milo commented on the election of Fredi Beleri as MEP.

Invited to MCN, Milo said that if the Court of Appeal decides to release Fredi Beleri, the tension between Albania and Greece will be relieved.

"I think that there is a personal victory for Mr. Beleri that in the face of the challenge that was played for the municipality of Himara, he was elected to a position, in a European institution, from the dimensions, importance, values, and echoes, he is definitely much more more important than being elected mayor of a mini-municipality like that of Himara.

From the point of view of personal values, Beleri can definitely be commented as a winner. But from the point of view of the real value for democracy and relations between the two countries, this definitely brings out a number of other problems, which leave the game open in the field of tensions that can be created in the future. The outcome of the Beleri case will depend on how it will be administered respecting democratic rules. The Albanian justice bodies must finally give their verdict regarding the Beleri case.

We have justice that is not a party to anyone. We also have the executive that officially represents Albania in relations with Greece. We have to wait for the decision that the Court of Appeal will give. Let's assume that Mr. Beleri releases him, then circumstances are created that lead to another solution, provided by the law, and that Beleri can go to take office in Himare. He cannot hold both positions, but he will hold one of them.

If the Appeal acquits Beler, this also relieves the tension that has been created in the relations between the two countries. If the court does not release him, here we have new editions of how this issue will be judged in the relations between the two countries. The campaign for the early elections in Himara will begin and a number of other issues can be considered here.

There are many question marks in the way the political forces in Albania approach this problem, it is a long shot, but also a close shot. There can hardly be a bilateral Greece-Albania account for Mr. Tavo's name. It was Mr. Tavo himself who ruled out the idea that he was a representative of a consensual solution. It is expected to be a transitory solution, to then have a final election" , said Milo. 

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