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Businessmen and policemen, who are the arrested persons of the operation (Names)

Businessmen and policemen, who are the arrested persons of the operation (Names)

The names of those arrested in connection with the international smuggling operation, where police officers were also included, are released.

SPAK announces that so far 24 personal security measures have been executed for the persons under investigation, while for the other 2 persons under investigation, the relevant searches are being carried out. According to SPAK, over 1.1 million euros and dollars were seized in this operation.

During employment and visa applications, fictitious residential lease contracts, forged professional and foreign language certificates were presented, and upon the arrival of these citizens in Albania, they did not declare themselves as employees, or did so statement only for a short time to avoid doubts.

The security measure "Arrest in prison" has been requested for 21 of them:

Endri Seiti,

Luan Tafalla,

Endrit Ismailaj,

Arnold the Sword,

Juljeta Çopa,

Artur Mata,

Antonio Specchio,

Artan Sulaj,

Luan Sulaj,

Shkelzen Matmuja (Bokciu),

Beautiful Moon,

Lulzim Lami,

Tome Preka,

Julio Krasniqi,

Edmond Baklli,

Iglan Allici,

Emmanuel Ella

Commissioner Altin Hasani, Specialist for the Sector for Foreigners in the Department for Borders and Migration in DPPSH.

Commissioner Edmond Barha, head of the section for irregular migration in the Border and Migration Directorate in Tirana.

As for Inspector Ariel Hoxha, a police officer at the Rinas Border Police, house arrest was requested and an obligation to appear Inspector EH, a police officer at the Rinas Border Police Station.

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