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Braverman shows the real reason why Albanian immigrants are being attacked, all for power

Braverman shows the real reason why Albanian immigrants are being attacked, all

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has admitted that curbing illegal immigration is the only way to win the election. This clearly proves the harsh language of high-ranking British officials and their "irritation", since it is a matter of keeping power.

In an interview with The Telegraph , Braverman said the government must ban small boat crossings if the Conservatives are to win the next election.

She said the party's reputation hung on the issue as she called on MPs to unite to stop the crossings.

There are also divisions within the Tories between those who want the government to go further and leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and those who fear the plans could breach international law, including the Refugee Convention.

Ministers may seek to introduce the new Illegal Immigration Bill, calling for action to stem the record number of migrants crossing the Channel as soon as possible.

The Bill will give the Home Secretary powers to detain migrants who enter the UK illegally and return them "expeditiously" to their country of origin or to a safe country such as Rwanda, where the claim will be examined theirs for asylum.

Asked about the consequences if the government didn't stop the boats, Braverman said: “I just don't think we're going to be forgiven. We must earn the trust of the British people on all issues and every day we are in government. This issue is a huge disappointment to many, many people I meet, but also to the British people in general.

I believe my reputation and the reputation of the Conservative Party is on the line here. It's about competence and it's about being loyal to the British people who put us in charge of solving this problem."

Asked if it could cost the Conservatives the next election, she said: "I think we have to stop the ships to win the election. That's why the prime minister has made migration one of his five priorities."

In the months we left behind, 1/3 of illegal immigrants in Britain were Albanians. It has also been reported that a significant number of child asylum seekers have been abducted and that the British government has not done enough for their safety.

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