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"Prison, offer of corruption", Karamuço: People spend 5-7 months in detention, without being interrogated

"Prison, offer of corruption", Karamuço: People spend 5-7

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço has stated that prison is an offer of corruption, a place where a person can turn into a criminal contingent.

Speaking on Top Story, according to Karamuço, there are cases when people remain in custody for 5-7 months without any investigative action being taken against them.

KaramuçoPrison is an offer of corruption because he suffers in prison, his family suffers. And what happens? They will try to pay as much as possible to get him out of jail. Prison is an offer for you to be incriminated, because when you are put in prison for 5 months, no one goes to ask you. The investigative process has not started yet. The judicial police officer should go and ask him.

There have been 7 months that a person has been in prison without any action. The moment you imprison a person, the state has failed because if you put him in, you make him contingent, rehabilitation has failed. There is no work outside, only artistic ones do work inside.

You leave a person worse than when you entered. That case of that old man in Lezha impressed me a lot. He got out of prison after he had committed a crime in the family, the prison notified the police to guard him after he got out of prison, the police ignored him, he went to the village, as soon as he entered, they killed him.




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