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Bushati: SPAK is acting with Velia as with Ahmetaj

Bushati: SPAK is acting with Velia as with Ahmetaj

Analyst Andi Bushati raised doubts that SPAK's property investigation for Mayor Veliaj could result in an investigation similar to that of former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj, to avoid the investigation and procedure for Tirana's incinerator, to escape according to the analyst, Edi Ramë , the head of the affair.

Invited to the show "The Unexposed" on MCN TV, Bushati said that he has doubts that SPAK is implementing the same scheme as with Ahmetaj, who was also stripped of his "lover's thong" and was not investigated for the procedure, in order not to go to responsible who are higher in the hierarchy.

"What is Veliaj being investigated for? Why do we need Veliaj's wealth? We saw a case with Arben Ahmetaj, who was undressed from the procedures, as the initiator of the incinerator, and they counted down to the thongs of women and lovers. It was done for Ahmetaj, the incinerator was overlooked, because if he continued with the incinerator he would go higher than Ahmetaj and the trick of the wealth investigation was found. Don't we have the same parallelism as Ahmetaj? Veliaj, in my opinion, there are many black spots on the incinerator, but he is not the architect.

Second, SPAk when he wanted to show us almost inquisitorial practices, only Beleri who could not break the evidence and went to prison, and so did Berisha.

Erion Veliaj, if he gave three permits even when the directors were under investigation, is in the position of a person who can destroy evidence. The SPAK, which we are talking about, will hit Veliaj, shouldn't we have the SPAK that is trying to pamper Veliaj and if he scratches him a little, protect his boss?" , said Bushati.

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