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Celibashi talks about changes in the Electoral Code: To reflect the vote of immigrants

Celibashi talks about changes in the Electoral Code: To reflect the vote of

State Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi spoke at the Electoral Reform Commission about some changes in the Electoral Code.

Celibashi requested that the decision of the Constitutional Court ordering the voting of immigrants be reflected in the Electoral Code.

"CEC is an institution that already has a different configuration than what we are used to seeing before. As I mentioned in the letter sent to the leaders of the political parties, the need to discuss and address the two decisions of the Constitutional Court, the first one dealing with the voting of immigrants and the second with the repeal of the provision of the Electoral Code that deals with the limit of 10 thousand votes for the mandate. I have considered the need to bring it to your attention. Without going into details, I am presenting a list of aspects of the changes in the Code that should be addressed" , said Celibashi.

Celibashi stopped at the electronic voting, where he said that first a political decision should be made and then the costs of its extension to the entire territory of the country should be calculated.

"Electronic voting will have to make a political decision first. Willingness to stretch based on past experience. In a way, as a commissioner, even within the CEC we have different views, and I also support in principle the wider scope of electronic voting than we are applying. I am not very convinced that we should immediately extend it to the entire territory, but if the policy is agreed and says yes it is useful to extend it to the entire territory, you will have to keep two factors in mind, the costs and the human factor. Regarding the people who will deal with the technical aspect of the development of this process. "Even though there were to some extent strong disputes regarding the development of electronic voting, especially in Elbasan, from the verification we had 100% compatibility with the ballots and digital votes ," he said.


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