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Credins bank opens the exhibition "Art in our journey"

Credins bank opens the exhibition "Art in our journey"

Credins bank for the past few years has already turned the full support of art, culture, education or promotion in any field that contributes to the development of the community into a tradition of its own. With the philosophy that art and culture awaken genes to have a more developed and emancipated world, Credins is transformed from time to time into an art exhibition, where every customer has had the opportunity to see the artistic creations of different artists. An oasis of works that awaken the imagination between a real and surreal world, the exhibitions are represented by the constellation of those artists who have left their mark on Albanian art and talented young generations. 

 On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Credins bank, the newest fine art exhibition was held, "Art on our journey", which took place in the framework of the planning of various activities determined by the bank. This exhibition was made possible by the Kalo gallery, which simultaneously made available and selected the artworks, taking care that they represent the art that has accompanied Credins bank over two decades, as well as different categories of artists and their art, as well as from socialist realism as well as modern, contemporary art. The works of figurative art exhibited are 20 paintings that bring many colorful artistic dimensions. An interesting necklace that illustrates the diversity of what life offers us, its paradigm among the phenomena that are felt, seen and experienced.

In a warm and artistically curated atmosphere, senior managers of Credins bank, various representatives of art and criticism, as well as special guests, the painters of paintings developed over the years in Credins bank, were present at this exhibition. Between the conversations, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy the variety of colors in landscapes, portraits, themes or different meditative states, which, treated and worked with great style, came in a very unique style. 

Credins bank opens the exhibition "Art in our journey"

Credins, is the bank that considers culture and art as an important positive role in emotional, spiritual and mental development in a country's society. Transmitting values ​​or getting to know cultural heritage is the best investment that can be made to have an emancipated society and youth with a modern and humane approach. Art, as the highest aesthetic genre of any other field in life, is the source of pleasure and intellectual development in many dimensions, so supporting it is both a human and institutional obligation.

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