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Rama's statements, the Democratic Party of Italy appeals to Meloni: Stop the 800 million euro investment

Rama's statements, the Democratic Party of Italy appeals to Meloni: Stop


The Democratic Party in Italy reacted after the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who for "La Repubblica" called the establishment of refugee camps in Albania a failure.

"The center will be ready in a few months anyway, that's nothing! But the problem will be its operation! And it will be very difficult for the procedures: how will you manage 3000 people in 28 days with Italian bureaucracies and European rules ?" , it was said in the Italian media article.

Later, Rama denied having given an interview to the Italian media.

The Democratic Party of Italy, in a reaction on Facebook, asks the Meloni government to report to Parliament on the progress of the construction of the two camps.

"Following the words of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama, we ask the government to urgently report to the parliament on the state of progress of the investments foreseen by the Italy-Albania agreement, so the delegation of DP deputies has been in Albania for the last few days to document the real status of the progress of the investments in the former military base in Gjadër where, according to the government's schedule, an immigrant reception center should have already been operating.

Rama confirms the complexity of the agreement by casting a long shadow over the possibility of proper management of landing procedures, identification and asylum practices in Albania. But above all, it confirms what we have seen with our own eyes: at the moment the facilities are not there and the investments are traveling with great delays despite the strong increase in the costs of the entire operation that will bring damages of over 800 million euros to the state funds. The government should freeze and use those funds for welfare and health care as required by the Schlein Act."

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