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Denounced Vangjush Dakon, the resident speaks: With all the money he received, he will serve 6 months in prison, so do I

Denounced Vangjush Dakon, the resident speaks: With all the money he received,

Bashkim Gjika is one of the residents of the building that took the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, to prison.

Gjika told the media that SPAK's move to arrest Dako is a political move. The resident says that when he saw the apartment, he noticed that it was not in order and after the destruction by the earthquake of November 26, he made a series of complaints, but to no avail.

Gjika accuses the prosecutor of hiding evidence about Dako. Gjika says that Dako has received a large amount of money and in the end he will serve 6 months in prison.

"I bought the apartments in the pit. I paid them. When I came, the house could not seem in order and I filed a complaint against the company and the municipal staff. Then the earthquake hit and the house was destroyed. I made continuous denunciations, both at SPAK and at the American Embassy. I'm looking for my home, I love it so much. Prosecutor Bledar Bejko hid all the evidence. After 4 years since the earthquake, nothing has been done. I turn to KPA every week. He passed the vetting in the first degree and never met me again and said; natural disaster. The palace had no pilots and therefore it was built outside the procedures and therefore it fell. 85 cm is tilted. That's why he couldn't hold himself. It is beyond any standard. People who are around should not live either, and no longer inside, no, no. The demolition decision has come out. It must be torn down and rebuilt. Our palace has not come up with a name to shelter somewhere, as it is a denounced palace. This is politics. Something political has been done here. Something else is playing, this is not proof. Nothing has been blocked for the owner of the company. There is no proof. To block the banks at the moment. With all the money he received, he will spend 6 months in prison. I also go and do prison.

We have been 44 families, we ask for our entries. We thought we died, God knows how I got out. I have diabetes, a resident took me out. We want the reconstruction of the palace and the money and things we left inside. I'm living on rent, and we don't even get the rent bonus. It's been 2-3 months that we haven't received any more money, they've all been thrown for votes ," he said.


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