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The son takes the 86-year-old mother out into the street

The son takes the 86-year-old mother out into the street

Esma Toluli is an 86-year-old woman who has been moving from one hotel to another for the past 3 months, as her apartment on "Margarita Tutulani" street has a tenant. The lady tells "Stop" on TV Klan that she signed several papers in German with the thought that she would leave the apartment to her son after her death. But with that company, the son has changed the ownership of the apartment. Esmaja asks with tears in her eyes to enter the apartment as she wants to die there.

According to the expert Fatmir Laçej, there should be a donation contract for the apartment to pass to the son. The program "Stop" communicated with Esma Toluli's son, Haxhiu, who says that his mother and sisters have deceived him and the apartment was left in a second-level bank as collateral. Until that loan is repaid, says Haxhiu, no one from the family moves into that apartment.

Haxhi Toluli: Hello! Yes! I took that apartment in pieces, dilapidated, in 2003, I invested over 22 thousand euros, I made it completely new. My mother goes without my knowledge, puts it in the loan, in 2014-2015 she told me, the loan has been repaid and I accepted, to get the apartment in my name. In the meantime, I go to the bank, this burden problem comes up.

Reporter: Miss Esma will enter this apartment.

Haxhi Toluli: After that loan is repaid, if that loan is not repaid, none of my family members will enter there. The mother made the sister with 3 rooms, kitchen in Astiri. The moment you release my loan with my husband, with a notary, with whatever you want, I come back to sign and give the key to my mother and let her live as long as God has given her.

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