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DOCUMENT/ Liridona and Naimi had filed for divorce in Sweden

DOCUMENT/ Liridona and Naimi had filed for divorce in Sweden

The murder of 30-year-old Liridona Ademaj on Wednesday, November 29, on "Dalip Alshiqi" street in Pristina shocked the country.

Initially, the Kosovo Police reported the case as "robbery with consequences of murder", and two days later, the police announced the arrest of three suspects in the case.

One of them was precisely the husband of the now deceased, Liridona, Naim Murseli, while the other identified was Granit Plava - who is suspected of committing the murder "by order".

Granit Plava, who is also a fellow villager with Naim Murseli, is suspected of having been paid 30,000 euros by Murseli for committing the murder, of which he had received 15,000 euros before committing the murder, and another 15,000 he would receive after the murder. Lyridon.

And later, the Kosovo Police arrested a third person as a suspect for the murder of Liridona Ademaj.

As learned, the arrested person was Kushtrim Kokalla - a member of the Kosovo Security Force.

But what was the reason that drove him to this criminal act?

According to reports in some media, Naim Murseli some time ago had paid the life insurance to Liridona Ademaj in a Swedish company. And for this reason, it was claimed that the insurance could cover expenses up to 20 million euros.

However, the journalist of the Swedish newspaper Bohusläningen, Henrik Lundbjörk, told KosovaPress that according to his knowledge, the highest amount of insurance value is 500 thousand euros.

On the other hand, the relations between the couple were not at their best, something that their families may not have been informed about.

In a document provided by KosovaPress, it is confirmed that Naimi and Liridona filed a joint request for divorce in a Swedish court.

However, the divorce did not happen, since within the period of six months to one year, of what is called the period of consideration or review, none of them had gone to confirm that they want a divorce.

For this, the District Court of the city of Uddevalla on February 24, 2020 decided to discontinue the case from further proceedings.

"On January 31, 2019, Liridôna Murseli and Naim Murseli submitted a joint declaration of divorce. The District Court decided that the divorce should be preceded by a review period of at least six months and at most one year. In connection with the decision, the district court informed the parties that they could request the separation in writing within the specified period. No application for a divorce decree has reached the district court. The issue of separation has been dropped. The District Court dismisses the case from further proceedings", says the document seen by KosovaPress .

DOCUMENT/ Liridona and Naimi had filed for divorce in Sweden

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