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Energy and water supply, Meta accusations against the government: Failed in management, money in the pockets of corruption

Energy and water supply, Meta accusations against the government: Failed in

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has raised concerns about the management of electricity and water and sewerage. He has accused the government, stating that the intention was theft. In a press conference, the former president stated that the current administration failed to ensure water supply throughout the day.

"The failure in the drinking water sector, where it promised to guarantee water 24 hours a day, is spectacular as the level of losses, i.e. water that does not receive income is high, 67% of it is lost or stolen due to mismanagement. The country has a high production of water, 272 million cubic meters in production, out of the 175 million cubic meters that the citizens need, and despite the extraordinary sums given by the government and the local government, this money has ended up in the pockets of corruption ," said Meta.

According to Meta, the production of KESH in its worst period manages to cover the needs of the family consumer. Meta asked to review the issue of increasing the price of energy for the band above 800 kWh.

"The production of KESH, even in the most difficult case, is sufficient to meet the entire household consumption in the country. The cost from KESH is quite cheap, 1.5 Lek, the cost of sale from FSHU is 51 Lek, 41 Lek plus VAT.

This whole situation that is presented as a situation for the effect of the conflict in Ukraine, or of the problems on the continent is actually the result of the complete failure of any kind of reform in the country in the energy and water and sewage sector.

This is a cost that the government will hypocritically pass on to ordinary and vulnerable citizens. We join Konfindustria's call to revise the protection band from 800 kW per month to 1200 kW per month. "Citizens should be careful of OSHEE's patrons to avoid attempts to overbill them ," said Meta.


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