Europeans are the world's 'drunkest', but where does Albania rank?

Europeans are the world's 'drunkest', but where does Albania

Europeans turn out to be the people who consume more alcoholic beverages than the rest of the world.

A report by the World Health Organization shows that every year in Europe, each person aged 15 and over consumes an average of 9.5 liters of alcohol, equivalent to 190 liters of beer or 80 liters of wine.

Referring to the report analyzed by SCAN Tv, the people who drink the most alcohol are in Western Europe. Of the 10 countries that drink the most in the world, nine are located in the European Union.

Accordingly, the Czech Republic (14.3 liters), Latvia (13.2), Moldova (12.9), Germany (12.8), Lithuania (12.8), Ireland (12.7), Spain (12.7) have the most 'alcoholic' people. ), Bulgaria (12.5), Luxembourg (12.4) and Romania (12.3).

Albania ranks among the 10 countries that consume the least alcohol: Tajikistan (0.9 liters), Azerbaijan (1.0), Turkey (1.8), Uzbekistan (2.6), Turkmenistan (3.1), Israel (4.4), Armenia (4.7), Kazakhstan (5.0) ), Albania (6.8) and North Macedonia (6.4).

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