The FBI investigated with the photo of Edi Rama, the lecturer: This is a fact, the steam of the grosha and television counters cover it

The FBI investigated with the photo of Edi Rama, the lecturer: This is a fact,

The ex-girlfriend of FBI official Charles McGonigal has revealed that in November 2021, two FBI agents appeared on her doorstep, carrying photos of the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, together with Charles McGonigal.

In a detailed account to US media outlet Business Insider, Guerriero revealed incriminating details about her ex-boyfriend, who was arrested after allegedly taking money from Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Albanian-American Agron Neza after visits he had made in Albania.

Educator and activist Ervin Goci writes in a post on FB that this is a fact that shows everything, while he ironizes a part of the Albanian media, which according to him does not reflect it.

For this, Goci once again publishes the articles of the popular American media that testify how the connections of the Albanian prime minister with McGonigal came to the scene.


It is an interesting fact that the vapors of the television counters cover it.

FBI agents went to the house of the partner of the implicated agent and showed her the photo of the partner with the prime minister of Albania.

This is what the witness herself, the agent's closest person for several years, at least until 2018, recites. So the agents who have oil with the photo of the agent implicated together with the prime minister, have clearly investigated the prime minister of Albania.

They have asked for information, they have oil to carry out verifications, they have investigated, they have no oil to go there. If the prime minister was from the suburbs, why should those with his picture wander around asking for information?! Can anyone tell me?! This is an episode that says it all. And regarding the investigations that the SP dice and the channelists declare closed, I invite you to follow this interview of the colleague and close friend of the implicated agent, who says that not only will this investigation be complete, but it will be investigated every second of the activity of the agent implicated in the FBI, because due to his position, his stakes are very large.

These are the facts, the rest are gross vapors.

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