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The 9-month-old child risks his life, the pharmacist gives him a blood thinner instead of an antibiotic; the nurse injects him

The 9-month-old child risks his life, the pharmacist gives him a blood thinner

The show "Fiks Fare" brought the case of a 9-month-old child who was injected with a blood thinner for adults instead of an antibiotic for children.

The problem started with the pharmacist who, instead of the antibiotic prescribed by the pediatrician, gave blood thinners to adults, followed by the injection of the thinner by the nurse of the Laprak Health Center.

Mario Ndregjoni, the father of the 9-month-old boy, told the journalists of Fiks that the pediatrician gave him a prescription for the boy, which prescribed the antibiotic Claxon 40 mg, while at the "Rubini" pharmacy in Laprakë, the pharmacist gave him CLEXAN 4000 units, a thinner blood to grow.

"After the pharmacist gave it to us, the nurse injected the boy, the boy has been in the pediatric ward for 10 days, I don't know what's going on", says Mario.

Meanwhile, he's worried about what might happen to him later as he doesn't get a definitive answer from anyone. According to him, this comes because the pharmacist's husband is a well-known doctor and doctors have him as a colleague.

"I want the truth to come out, because the pharmacist has introduced realtors to offer us money so that we don't report," says Mario

The documentary brought the conversation of the minor's parent with a gentleman introduced as the nurse's uncle, who says that his niece was wrong, even she was interested in the doctors and they told her that the child could have died. The director of the Laprakë Health Center gave a warning about the wrong injection she gave to the child and removed the nurse from that job position. She even says about the citizen that they accept the mistake made and that he as a parent has the right.

While the nurse says that she thought that the 9-month-old boy may have had Covid 19 and his blood has thickened.

For the journalists of Fiks, the owner of the pharmacy, Besa Dogjani, admitted that the pharmacist was wrong, and thanks God that the child did not have a hemorrhage.

The parent also went to a random pharmacy to ask about the injection given and the one prescribed. The tearful pharmacist puts her hands on her head and says this is a fatal mistake./ TCH

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