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Journalist: The criminals communicated with satellites, they were not identified

 Journalist: The criminals communicated with satellites, they were not identified

Journalist Elton Qyno revealed the way the incriminated persons followed to communicate with each other without being tracked.

Invited to the show "Top Story" on Top Channel, Qyno said that SKY ECC, unlike normal phones, ensured anonymity as you did not log in with an email or phone number, but with satellite waves which were bought by crime barons just as ordinary citizens buy credit. the phone.

Excerpts from the studio conversation:

Qyno: "SKY" if you notice, it only worked for two years, from July 2019 to mid-2021. And this period of time alone, has made many people who deal with murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, of course, have been absorbed by this application because they believed in the fact that once the conversations were automatically deleted, everything that was said was not was preserved. But in fact all the conversations stayed on the server.

Duma: Do you think it's that, or the fact that they communicated in code?

Qyno: The fact that the app absorbed this whole community of people who wanted to finish criminal work, of course, is because the conversations were hidden and the communication was done through codes.

Entering the code into the application, they did not log in with email or personal name, nor with the antenna waves...

Duma: So they were anonymous?

Qyno: Something must also be said that the journalist did not mention, these had nothing to do with the telephone antenna waves, they worked directly with satellite waves.

If he spoke from Tirana, he was not located through the analysis of the telephone cell, through the antenna, for example: here we are in Kashar, and he connected the antenna to the antenna and tracked him.

Duma: how did this relate to the satellite?

Qyno: There were special satellite waves and for these waves there was a fee that was paid. As we pay monthly for the telephone, so were the satellite waves.


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