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Gjonaj signs the agreement for the transfer of prisoners in London, the problem is the change of the procedure in both countries

Gjonaj signs the agreement for the transfer of prisoners in London, the problem

The Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, is reportedly on a working visit to London, England. She has signed an agreement with government officials on the transfer of prisoners.

The agreement enables the legal transfer of Albanian nationals from UK prisons to their country of origin, Albania, to serve the remainder of their sentence, as well as the transfer of a British national imprisoned in Albania to UK prisons.

The main problem is the change of the transfer procedure in both countries due to the fact that for the British side the transfer is an administrative process followed by the National Offender Management Service as the transfer is carried out only on the basis of the transfer order, which requires extension of sentence ( without recognition by the court), while in Albania it is an administrative judicial process for which the Albanian Criminal Procedure Code provides and regulates the conversion of the sentence, unless there is an agreement.

In some cases the legal position of the subjects after the recognition of the British decision was aggravated due to the recognition without conversion of the sentence (continuation of the sentence) or the non-calculation of the period of the sentence served.

A way to solve this problem has not been determined yet. 

We recall that some time ago, the British Minister of Interior Priti Patel was in Albania where he met with Prime Minister Rama where an agreement was signed to accelerate the deportation from Britain of arrested Albanians and those caught staying illegally in Britain.


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