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"Open the doors Sali Rama, Vucidoll of Tropoja", the well-known actor verses for Berisha

"Open the doors Sali Rama, Vucidoll of Tropoja", the well-known actor

The well-known actor from Kosovo, Çun Lajçi, participated today in the protest held by the democrats against the arrest of the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha.

He went up to the speakers' podium and performed a poem about Sali Berisha.

Actor Lines: 

Sali Ramë Berisha was right

Sali Rama, Vucidoll of Tropoja, opened the doors.

that the mountain goat, Sali Rama of Rugova, has come to you,

with the scarf, the shawl, the turbans with the turbans!

I am a mouthful of Dragobia, call Sali Mani;

- there is no road at night, take me to a guesthouse in the tower of Mulosman!

I left the bridge of the Bird with my eyes and tweezers:

- Sali Rama left the window, the window supported the ladder,

quadruple by taking a bite, by owning how is Albania?

If you're not good, I'm not good, when Nana is not good,

when we eat mahogany bread together!

I stretched out my hand, the oak shuddered and the lightning burned,

take the head that I have come to you as a friend!

Let your forehead be troubled with white clouds,

let those who put you in the locks see the faces,

let their eyes sting, let them sneeze when the tsarsia speaks,

- how right Sali Ramë Berisha rode!


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