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Hoxha: The Americans have invested in 4 cases, including the case of Dako

Hoxha: The Americans have invested in 4 cases, including the case of Dako

Journalist Artan Hoxha has explained all the sensational arrests that have been made according to him, behind which stands the US Embassy in Tirana.

From the handcuffing of Adriatik Llalla to Vangjush Dako, the journalist points out that there are 5 issues that would not have been handled in this way if the American Embassy had not been directly involved.

Hoxha: To better understand how the justice system has worked up to now. In 4 important cases, or the most important ones where the American Embassy was directly involved, it was finalized with punishment. The first person declared non-grata in February 2018 is the former Prosecutor General Adriatik Llalla.

So he is convicted in absentia. The second issue is the former head of Road Transport in Saranda, Kelmend Balili. Remember that the American Embassy for 2 years and 8 months in a row, morning, lunch, dinner, told the Prime Minister that you have caught Escobar. The third is Saimir Tahiri is a case from start to finish followed by the American Embassy and I think that if the Embassy found out that Tahiri was going to be released, they could stop him. They did not understand and this happened. And the fourth issue is that of Emiljano Shullazi, so they have taken from a model in different positions, hierarchies of society. If the case was not pursued by the American Embassy, ​​Emiljano Shullazi would not have had the chance to receive this punishment or to handle the case in this form.

These four issues, which are very important characters at certain times of the country's development, have been punished and punished only because the American Embassy has been behind. I believe this is the 5th issue they are pursuing. All 5 of these issues are issues in which the Americans are invested, and in the whole hierarchy that I made, the most important character for me remains Vangjush Dako.

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