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Assassination in Vlora / In addition to the police, in the car with Birçaj also a 20-year-old, what he said before the investigative group

Assassination in Vlora / In addition to the police, in the car with

New details have been uncovered from the well-organized assassination attempt recorded on Monday, May 10, in Vlora, where businessman Kalashnikov Bledar Birçaj was shot dead.

It is learned that in the BMW X5 type vehicle, besides the victim Bledar Birçaj and the anti-drug policeman Granit Deromema, there was also a 20-year-old man sitting in the back seat. This fact has been confirmed by the Vlora police. It is learned that the 20-year-old is the victim's cousin and worked in a bakery in the coastal city. 

Sources suggest that the testimony of the 20-year-old did not help the Vlora blues to clarify the event. While receiving from the investigation team, the 20-year-old stated that he was traumatized due to the bullets fired from the weapons of the two masked perpetrators and did not remember anything from the event.

Event dynamics:

The crime took place at noon on May 10 in the neighborhood "Hajro Çakërri" in Vlora. The victim was ambushed by two masked and armed people in the area called 'Cobblestone Tail' in the coastal city. The perpetrators got out of a white car and fired in the direction of the driver of the BMW X5, Bledar Birçaj, and then quickly left the scene with the same vehicle. In the author's car was an anti-drug police officer in the front passenger seat, while in the back seat was a 20-year-old, the victim's cousin. The latter two, thankfully do not catch any of the bullets coming out of the perpetrators' weapons. The victim was armed after a "Beretta" pistol was found on his belt.

Over 30 cartridges were found at the scene. The perpetrators' car may even have been housed in a garage, as there is no trace so far.


The suspicions of the investigative group are that we are dealing with a well-thought-out assassination and that the perpetrators are assassins. The suspicions are that the event may be related to a possible revenge. It is reported that Bledar Birçaj had returned from Spain three weeks ago.

Victim with a criminal record

The main track of the investigation team is the past of the victim in Spain. He turns out to be suspected of being involved in another event in 2011, but the investigation into the matter was dropped for lack of evidence.

Recently he had stayed longer in Spain from where he often came and went from Albania. In Vlora he was not known as a problematic person but as a businessman as he was the owner of a restaurant called "The Boss" known in the area of ​​Lungomare.

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