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European Integration / Parliament: Albania to advance in EU-related reforms, where focus is required

European Integration / Parliament: Albania to advance in EU-related reforms,

The delegation of the European Parliament led by President David McAllister visited Albania and Montenegro on May 23-26, where they met with representatives of Albanian politics to talk about the integration of the two countries in the European Union.

Following the visit, MEPs in the Foreign Affairs Committee said that the foreign policy of Montenegro and Albania is in line with that of the EU, urging both countries to make more progress in reforms related to the bloc. .

MEPs called for the attention of the governments of both countries to focus more on constructive dialogue, rule of law, democratization, media freedom and the fight against corruption and organized crime.

"Albania and Montenegro praised the members of the European family, with their strong contribution to European security. We thank both countries for their unwavering commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration and the steady expansion of foreign policy, including sanctions in the face of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

Constructive political dialogue, adherence to democratic political norms and anti-corruption efforts are essential for advancing towards EU membership.

While Albania and Montenegro have demonstrated their determination to implement EU-related reforms, national unity, constructive engagement between governments and the opposition in a fair parliamentary process, competitive elections and meaningful public consultation are needed to advance in EU integration ", declared David McAllister.

MEPs reaffirmed their support for the opening of negotiations on Albania and northern Macedonia as they called for diplomatic efforts to resolve the stalemate with Bulgaria.

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