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Former Foreign Minister: McGonigal pleaded guilty, why was there no investigation for Rama?!

Former Foreign Minister: McGonigal pleaded guilty, why was there no

Former Foreign Minister Aldo Bumçi, invited to the studio of the "Open" show, spoke about the case of Fredi Beleri and his imprisonment after the appeal to GJKKO.

Bumçi said that there is no law that prohibits the swearing in of Fredi Beleri as the mayor of Himara, even though the latter has been in jail for months now, accused of buying and selling votes.

He added that Rama has captured everything in the country, as he said that this case is similar to the dictatorship as a candidate for mayor ends up in a cell.

So, he paralleled this case with that of Charles McGonigal, saying that the latter has pleaded guilty before American justice, which according to him should prompt an investigation by SPAK about Prime Minister Rama in Albania.

" The OSCE report says that there was vote buying, but the use of the state in the elections was worse. Who had the state? There is no leak investigation. We are in the fourth year after the earthquake. Money has been allocated for the earthquake in this election.

Rama called the voted electoral code Chinese because he does not respect it. Beleri was arrested on the charge of 400 thousand old lek at his restaurant. This is dictatorship. The candidate goes to jail and then wins the election. Citizens felt threatened. Their houses are destroyed and their properties are taken away.

There is no law that prohibits swearing. He must be sworn in as mayor. Rama has captured everything. McGonigal has been arrested and is pleading guilty. Why didn't SPAK have an investigation about the prime minister here ", he said.

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