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The former minister of Rama: The oligarchs own the public assets of the Albanians, corruption starts from buying and selling votes

The former minister of Rama: The oligarchs own the public assets of the

The former Minister of the Interior Sandër Lleshaj spoke about the path of Albania's integration into the EU, highlighting some of the problems that the country is facing today.

In an interview for Panorama.al, Lleshaj said that corruption is the biggest wound of the society, as he added that the genesis of corruption starts from the buying and selling of votes. The former minister said that it is difficult for Albania to have a real and concrete success in the fight against corruption.

"Corruption is the biggest wound of the Albanian society, a wound that has caused our country many times more damage than the crime itself. Corruption is a product of the moral decay of our society, which has already almost archived some of the moral values ​​that should normally be the real pillars that keep it and the nation itself afloat. The genesis of corruption is found in the irresponsibility, naivety or gluttony of those who sell votes. All those who sell it cheaply (the poor), those who sell it dearly (the rich) and those who forgive it (the fools) are the first cultivators of corruption. Without going to the origin of the problem, it is difficult to believe that we will have any real success in the hope against corruption", said Leshaj.

Asked whether or not the wealth of Albanians is in the hands of oligarchs, the former minister said that Albania has many oligarchs, who have owned oil, minerals, beaches and other public assets.

"Our national assets have somewhat suffered the same fate as the national gold reserve. Although during these three decades it has always been said that our economy only grows, our public assets, or national if you like, have only decreased. As for the oligarchs. To us, this term seems not to be clearly defined and understood. Formulating a non-academic definition, I would say that oligarchs are those who take as private benefit that wealth that normally belongs to the public. Do we have those? Extremely very much. They are the ones who own oil, minerals, forests, waters, beaches, frequencies, sovereign rights and many other public assets," said the former minister.

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