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Jeton Lami rejects SPAK's offer, chooses silence about the fate of Ervis Martinajn

Jeton Lami rejects SPAK's offer, chooses silence about the fate of Ervis

The Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime negotiated with former operative Jeton Lam to turn him into an associate of justice.

Sources for "TvKlan" at the Special Prosecutor's Office (SPAK) have confirmed this attempt, but again the former officer refused to speak.

Cooperation with Jeton Lam is considered extremely important for SPAK, as he is considered the last person who had contact with the missing person, Ervis Martinaj, who can reveal his "fate".

Today, for him, the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, SPAK, Altin Dumani, in an informal meeting with journalists, stated that the case is being investigated, but in relation to the testimony of the officer arrested as Martinaj's bodyguard, Jeton Lami, there is no new.

The former agent of Operacionales was arrested in August 2022, just a few days after the family of Ervis Martinaj reported the loss of contact with the wanted man. Jeton Lami was among the last people who had contact with Martinaj, confirmed and filmed in a hotel in Durrës.

 But since August and until now, Jeton Lami has refused to speak. For Jeton Lam, on December 26, the Prosecutor's Office of Kurbin extended the investigation deadline by another 3 months, reasoning that it will carry out other investigative actions.

Ervis Martinaj has been missing since August 9. He was declared wanted, as part of the "Golden Bullet" operation, after the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani said that he had offered him a "blank check" in exchange for the "head" of Indri Dokles.

 But on August 9, it disappeared without a trace. Martinaj's family members raised the alarm and now the prosecution is investigating for kidnapping and staging.

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