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"We've seen you laugh when you're carrying him", Begaj talks about his relationship with Rama: We have a family code

"We've seen you laugh when you're carrying him", Begaj talks

After 6 months in office, President Bajram Begaj has spoken about some important issues that are directly related to his powers.

Speaking on the show "No Censorship" on RTSH, Begaj was also asked about the relationship he has with Prime Minister Edi Rama, also because of the way the government chose him.

Excerpt from the interview:

Elona Meço: 6 months in office is enough, I believe, to establish some institutional and personal frameworks with certain individuals. What is your relationship with Prime Minister Rama?

President Bajram Begaj: I do not establish institutional frameworks. I respect and implement the institutional frameworks from the first day I take office. The institutional framework is the set of laws, rules, procedures, acts that regulate the function of the institution and relations between institutions.

In each of my previous assignments, I have rigorously implemented the institutional framework. And in this case, as the President of the Republic, I do not exclude myself from the rigorous implementation of the institutional framework. My relationship with Prime Minister Rama and with any political personality or not is within the framework of an institutional framework.

Elona Meço: You have not gone beyond this framework, because for example, when you wait or escort him to the door of the President, we have seen you smile. Do you have a relationship beyond the institutional?

President Bajram Begaj: I believe that we have a family code, that when we escort a friend from the house, we escort him to the door outside.


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