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Kalemaj: Tahir's return to politics is impossible

Kalemaj: Tahir's return to politics is impossible

Political scientist Ilir Kalemaj has stated that it is impossible for former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri to return to politics.

Kalemaj says that for the return of Saimir Tahir, a final decision confirming his innocence would be needed, as otherwise the decriminalization law prohibits him from holding any public office or running for deputy.

Regarding the Assembly's resolution on foreign interference in national democratic processes, and the establishment of a special commission for this issue, Kalemaj said: " There are two or three elements, firstly in all EU countries, mainly Western countries and the USA are threats in increase of malignant influences, which are related to state and non-state actors and will mean cyber attacks organized by state agents, from troll farms like Vagner, but it is also the spread of disinformation and fake news that has become a priority of public communication and EU policies.

We have many EU countries and not only, Great Britain is one of them, which has passed legislation in recent years to protect itself from such attacks, from fake news, disinformation, which aim to create social anarchy, polarization political. Do we have malignant interventions in Albania?

We have had a very malignant intervention, that of Iran with homeland justice. We don't have any strong evidence of Russian interference, despite party political rhetoric, because everyone accuses each other. It's either they're all caught by the Russians, or they're all bluffing to try to draw the Americans into their own political inside game, I believe it's the latter. "

Speaking about Saimir Tahir's conditional release, the political scientist says: "We are dealing with a definitive sentence as of the moment we speak, the justification that was given since 3.4 years, most of it had been completed and according to the Albanian legislation for good behavior, etc., despite the fact that it was a summary trial.

The US Embassy has requested the court documents to make further verifications. Without a definitive decision confirming the innocence of Tahir, who has repeatedly said that the battle continues, there can be no return of him to active politics, since the decriminalization law prohibits him from holding any public office or running for office. MP.

He was convicted for abuse of office, as long as we don't have another decision, and I don't believe we can, I think his return to active politics is impossible".

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