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KAS examines complaints, SMI demands invalidation of Dropull elections: Over 500 people came from Greece

KAS examines complaints, SMI demands invalidation of Dropull elections: Over 500

The Sanctions and Complaints Commission has started reviewing the complaints submitted by political entities regarding the April 25 election process. In today's meeting, the complaint of the SMI is being discussed, which demands that the elections in the municipality of Dropull be declared invalid, which changes the result in the Gjirokastra region.

The legal representative of the SMI, Altin Kaziaj said at the meeting that contrary to the decision of the Technical Committee for the quarantine of persons coming from Greece and Northern Macedonia, over 500 people from the Hellenic state have entered, according to whom most are supporters of the SP . According to him, this was deliberately used to 'hit' the SMI.

"There are about 500 people from Greece who have entered Albania. We do not know the ways in which they entered and for this we request an in-depth investigation by the Commission. They are people who are mostly supporters of the SP and have held positions in election commissions, VCCs and polling stations.

Our candidate there, Vangjel Tavo, reported special names of Albanian citizens who had come after this order and were involved in electoral processes. This shows that the orientation has been to hit the SMI. It was the Minister of Interior himself who influenced the issuance of this order. This has reduced voter turnout in the municipality of Dropull.

Inside the documents you also have statistics showing that the SMI was the first force in Dropull. We have made available to you materials that protect the rights of citizens. We demand that this decision be overturned. We request the declaration of invalid the results of the municipality of Dropull and Gjirokastra ", said Kaziaj.



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