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Kelliçi and Ndreca clash over the directors of Veliaj: They were SP political delegates in the campaign

Kelliçi and Ndreca clash over the directors of Veliaj: They were SP

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Këlliçi and the deputy of the SP, Plarent Ndreca, debated the activation of the directors of the company "5D", already arrested, in the electoral campaign for the municipality of Tirana.

In MCN, Këlliçi brought the case of the directors as delegates to the municipal units of Tirana, as well as the two administrators, those of Dajti and Zall-Herri, who he said have misappropriated about 130 million euros from tenders and construction permits with companies of their family members.

On the other hand, Ndreca denied it. 

Part of the debate  

Belind Kelliçi: These directors that Ndreca said were not in the campaign, Tusha, Qato and Molla were delegated to the unit. Elgantina Zëre, who is under house arrest, was the political leader of the SP in Laprakë. Two administrators, that of Dajti, Qefalia, received 55 million euros for tenders and 4 construction permits and the administrator of Zall-Herri, Arben Maloku, who while he was an official of the municipality of Tirana received 34 million euros of tenders from the municipality of Tirana and 3 permits construction costing 30 million euros. Since they were not in the campaign.

Plarent Ndreca: I did not say that they were not in the campaign. I said that they were not campaign managers.

Belind Kelliçi: In the area of ​​Zall-Herri, where there is no investment, no work done in 8 years by the municipality, Veliaj won, without ever going with 72 percent, where the political leader was the one who received 34 million euros from Ujësjellësi and the Municipality of Tirana.

Plarent Ndreca: I did not say that they were not in the campaign, they were not leaders.

Belind Kelliçi: They were political leaders.

Plarent Ndreca: Who else was the campaign leader, they had a role as do all the people who work in the administration. It is not true that they are employees of the administration and are sterilized from political activities. Yes, they have limitations.

Neritan Sejamini: But they participate, but they cannot appeal to the citizens who to vote for.

Belind Kelliçi: Those I mentioned to you were all campaign leaders. Everyone in Tirana knows this, there's no way you don't.

Plarent Ndreca: Belind, you campaigned yourself. There are no 50 campaign managers. You have 1 campaign manager and then you have collaborators.

Belind Kelliçi: The two administrators Qefalia and Maloku have received 130 million euros, through the companies of their family members.



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