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The girls' national team officiates two friendly matches against North Macedonia and Kenya

The girls' national team officiates two friendly matches against North

The Albanian girls' national team will play two friendly matches against North Macedonia and Kenya in April. The Albanian Football Federation has agreed with the two respective federations for the development of these two friendlies in our country next month.

The first scheduled meeting of Albania girls is the one against the representative of North Macedonia on April 7, at the 'Elbasan Arena' stadium, at 16:00, while the second friendly is scheduled to take place four days later, against Kenya. yes, at the 'Elbasan Arena' stadium at 16:00.

The red and black girls will start training under the direction of coach Armir Grima on April 5 in Tirana, while the Albanian technician will announce the list of football players gathered in a few days. The Kenyan representative, who has planned to gather in Albania on April 8, will stay in the city of Durrës, and all the expenses of the friendly team from Kenya will be covered by the Albanian Football Federation.

In case the Kenyan team will not be provided with Albanian visas at the right time, then the friendly will be cancelled.

These two friendlies against North Macedonia and Kenya are a very good opportunity for coach Grima and the staff of National Team A to observe and test the red and black girls, given that at the moment they are not engaged in official commitments with UEFA level matches or FIFA. During the month of April, Albania will also know the opponents of the next European qualifiers.

Both of these opponents also carry a very special specificity for Albania's girls. This is because North Macedonia is also the first team that the girls' national team has faced in its history, precisely on May 5, 2011, while it will play with the representative of Kenya for the first time in its history.

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