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"Box of money", VOA about the arrest of Alda Klos: She was also 'betrayed' by her brother's testimony

"Box of money", VOA about the arrest of Alda Klos: She was also

In Albania, the statements before the authorities of Justice, of Rozeta Dobi, the cleaner who worked in the apartment of the former official Alda Klosi, but also the contradictory statements of the latter and her brother, were what led the prosecution to the arrest decision on Friday in evening.

Mrs. Klosi is suspected of at least three criminal offenses "Money laundering", "False statements before the judicial police officer" as well as "Refusal to declare, non-declaration, concealment or false declaration of assets, private interests..." given that due to the positions he has held, he is obliged to declare income and assets. She has held high positions in the administration, as former director of concessions in the Ministry of Finance until July 2022, chief of staff of former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj, to then move to the Financial Supervision Authority.

Rozeta Dobi, arrested at the beginning of January for the theft of the former official's apartment, made a strong turn from the attitudes she initially held, when she admitted the theft of only 120,000 euros and 30,000 dollars or jewelry in Mrs. Klosi's house. and refused to give explanations about the origin of another 404 thousand euros found hidden in her house, in the exhaust pipe.

During the interrogation on Friday, she claimed that all the money belongs to the former official, and that the theft of the apartment was staged in cooperation with Klos, who, according to her, had asked her to keep "all the money, as she was afraid of her ex-husband who threatened her". According to the documents of the Prosecution, which the Voice of America was able to see, Dobi has shown that she had often noticed the presence of large amounts of money in Klos's house. According to her, several years ago she found large sums of money covered with blankets in the bed of the former official, while during 2021 until the end of last year, she confessed that she had "a box of money, valuables" at home. large sums of money in euros", but clarifying that "about the way they moved, I don't know where Alda took them and where he sent them".

This evidence seems to have been considered essential for the prosecution, which meanwhile had raised its serious doubts about the former official herself. First, since she had given completely different statements about the money in her house. On the day of the theft, she stated that in the apartment, apart from the jewelry, from the preliminary inspection, she found that she also lacked an amount of money for expenses and daily vital progress. While when she was called to the police, on the day of the arrest of Dobi and her son, she stated that "after thinking calmly about the things she had, she found that an amount in foreign currency of more than 120,000 was stolen from her euros, as well as an amount of 30 thousand dollars", which she explained that her uncle had left her, so that she would take care of his house,

In addition, the former official was "betrayed" by her brother, who two days later gave another version about the origin of the money. He stated that the money was borrowed from a family friend to help his uncle who was ill. He even submitted a handwritten foreign declaration, dated November 3, 2022. A declaration which the prosecution suspects is fictitious.

Ms. Klosi, who was hospitalized the day after her arrest due to tension problems, is expected to learn the court's decision on the security measure tomorrow. The criminal offenses for which she is suspected, foresee a sentence of 5 to 10 years in prison, and for this reason, the prosecution requests that her "prison arrest" remain in force. VOA


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