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The 'apostolic aberration' of Bishop Dodaj shortly after the Church's anti-communist Resolution. A postcard on November 29, sign of carelessness or surrender to governmental power?

The 'apostolic aberration' of Bishop Dodaj shortly after the


The bishop of the Diocese of Tirana-Durrës, Monsignor Arjan Dodaj, has gone against the spirit of a resolution of the Catholic Church in Albania, which calls for the punishment of crimes and images of communism. A few days after this resolution, on the November 29 holiday, which the left has celebrated as Liberation Day since the end of the 40s of the last century, Bishop Dodaj has chosen a symbol of the left to congratulate. Precisely the "Mother Albania" monument, a work of socialist realism of the sculptor Kristaq Rama, the current prime minister's father.

Monsignor Dodaj, who directs and conducts services at St. Paul's Cathedral in Tirana, has chosen not only the wrong time, a few days after the Roman Church in Albania 'collided' with the ideas, works, and images of the left but also the symbolism.

The "Mother Albania" monument, despite the 'unifying' name, is a symbol of Albania's separation from the cold sword of class war. The clerical forerunners of Monsignor Dodaj were among those who were killed, exiled, imprisoned, and persecuted precisely by those who conceived, inspired, and built the memorial in question.

More than that, those who rested in the graves under the heavy shadow of the memorial are the same ones who killed, tortured, and left without a grave the representatives of the Catholic clergy in Albania, who by papal decree are recognized as martyrs of the Church.

For the employee of an institution like the Church, which operates through powerful symbols, the choice of such a symbol, where insensitivity to the past and what seems like kneeling to the powers that be, is unforgivable. 

Except God, who forgives everyone and everything.

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