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Librazhd, the drunk doctor during working hours, evaluates the people at KMCAP

Librazhd, the drunk doctor during working hours, evaluates the people at KMCAP

Fiks Fare addressed the case of a doctor who is drunk during working hours.

 The case happened in Librazhd and the family doctor Balluk Troka was drunk during working hours. The doctor is also part of KMCAP Librazhd, where he deals with the commissioning of disabled persons.

Fiks reporters, interested in a case that has been removed from the camp, find the doctor on duty at 14:00 drunk, so much so that he can't even speak and pronounce words properly. This is clearly seen in the interview that Fiksi had with the doctor, where he does not understand or half speaks during the conversation.

Anxhela Kurti, mother of 4 children, complained to Fiks Fare. She showed the bad economic situation in which her family lives. Her husband, Taulant Kurti, suffers from mental health problems and has been removed from the camp for a year. Her family, which is expected to add a 5th child soon, lives only with economic assistance in the amount of 10,000 ALL. They live on rent, fortunately the rent bonus is paid by the municipality. Angela says that her husband suffers from depression and has also had surgery on his head. He has been a beneficiary of the camp for many years, but it has been discontinued for a year. KMCAP Librazhd has interrupted his camp, Taulanti has appealed this decision and the file has been transferred to the Superior Camp in Tirana, from which he has not yet received a response.

KMCAP Librazhd did not announce him as a beneficiary because, according to Angela, they told him that Taulanti's diagnosis does not benefit him. While the diagnosis of Taulant Kurti has not changed, it is the same as the one that benefited from the camp 1 year ago.

The situation of the family after the removal of the camp has worsened as much as the little income they have paid for electricity and water, and then to feed themselves which is most of the month, they help the neighbors and the little help that the service gives them social of the municipality. Plus Angela can't be employed herself, as she has 4 children to take care of. She is also expecting her 5th child and has to take care of her husband, who often loses consciousness. The refrigerator of the Kurti family is empty, as are the cupboards without food, and this, according to Angela, is the daily picture of her family.

Fiksi was interested in the Social Service in the Librazhd Municipality, who knew the Kurti family's situation, but who, according to the law, had also been given economic assistance. They also helped with food packages when they had the opportunity. But in the presence of Fiks, the employee claimed that the case would be referred to the mayor and deputy mayor for a solution.

Doctor's office appointment, drunk on business hours

Fiksi was also interested in KMCAP Librazhd to find out why the camp was removed from the whistleblower. As soon as they enter the office of Dr. Balluk Troka, part of the KMCAP Librazhd commission, they smell the smell of alcohol. The reporter, seeing the doctor's drunken state, asks him several times if he is able to answer the questions, but the doctor acts as if nothing happened. While his appearance, behavior and speech betray him.

It is 14:00 and the commissioning doctor in the state office smells alcohol.

He does not remember the case of Taulanti at all, he looks for the name in his records but he is unable to find anything. Even during the conversation, he interrupts the words by saying to the prescription and the social worker only a 'ssss' is heard.

Under these conditions, he calls the secretary to explain to the journalists of Fiks. The secretary explains the case and indicates that Taulanti's file is currently in Kempin Epror and that there is no answer. Regarding Fiksi's question that regarding the commissions that will follow in the future, is it possible for Dr. Troka to make their assessment in a drunken state, the secretary lowers her head and leaves the office.

The same question is addressed to Dr. Troka himself, but he does not admit that he is drunk. He claims that he is working and that he was filling a 'preceta' (prescription). To the question of whether he is able to evaluate an individual whether or not he should benefit from the camp when he is able to drink, doctor Troka answers that he has never been drunk and that he is able "100%". But the footage and everything else is evidence to the contrary, that the doctor is drunk on official business hours. top channel


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