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Croatian media "dismantle" the drug laboratory in Fier: Cocaine was found in the hangars of the SP official

Croatian media "dismantle" the drug laboratory in Fier: Cocaine was


A drug laboratory was discovered yesterday afternoon in Frakull of Fier. SPAK, the American DEA and the Montenegrin police launched an operation in the framework of which several arrest warrants were issued.

The amount of cocaine mixed in about 600 bags of fertilizer had come from Latin America and was seized at the Port of Tivar in Montenegro. Croatian media have provided details of the joint operation with the USA and Albania.

According to Vijesti, cocaine mixed with artificial fertilizer arrived at the Port of Tivari in mid-July. Officials of the Danilovgrad Forensic Center have found that chemically decomposed cocaine was found in bags of manure.

The inspectors decided not to seize the drugs, but to wait for the customer who ordered the shipment. It is a question of a 4-month investigation, where according to Vijesti, an Albanian citizen has taken over the charge, who is identified as Viktor Červanaku, former mayor of SP in Fier.

The first sign that the pallets were loaded with something more expensive and not artificial fertilizer was the huge difference in the value of the load and its transport. The control started after the difference in the load was noticed, then the DEA and the Albanian police joined the action.

15 people were arrested yesterday during the implementation of the action.

The former director of the Directorate of Revenue and Customs, Rada Milosevic, told "Vijesti" last night that the police discovered a load of cocaine in garbage bags.

"It is about a shipment of fertilizer ordered by a natural person from Albania. I ordered a scan of the container and the scanner showed nothing suspicious, but even after that I suspected that the cargo was suspicious, because this was shown by the analysis of the sector in the administration, which at that time was headed by Zeljko Ivanovic. We asked the police and the forensic center to do a laboratory analysis, which showed that the cocaine has decomposed into manure," said Milosevic.

According to the claims, between 300 and 400 kilograms of cocaine were mixed with manure.

"Representatives of the Revenue and Customs Directorate and the Police Directorate together informed the prosecutor's office, after which a decision was made to make the delivery controlled and everything to be kept secret, which we did ," said Milosevic.


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