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The mega-operation of SPAK, VOA: The investigations of the Special Prosecutor's Office hit 7 dangerous criminal groups

The mega-operation of SPAK, VOA: The investigations of the Special

In Albania, one of the most important and largest investigations carried out so far by the Special Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime and Corruption has been able to document several cases of murder and attempted murder, involving 7 of the most dangerous criminal groups in the country and the most famous names of the underworld. The investigations have also been extended to several European countries, thanks to the coordination with Europol even in the phase of the operation that started yesterday morning.

The Special Prosecutor's Office issued 50 arrest warrants, of which 14 were executed in Albania, and 6 others in Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium, thanks to the cooperation with the authorities of these countries.

A good part of the persons against whom arrest warrants were issued have been abroad for a long time. The list of wanted persons also includes the former socialist deputy Arben Ndoka, suspected of being the leader of one of the groups, as well as the brother and relative of another majority deputy, Eduard Ndreca.

According to the Special Prosecutor's Office, the characteristic of these groups is wild violence in committing crimes. Investigations have revealed the connections between them, the alliances and enmities that have been the source of murders and attempted murders, among the members of the groups.

From the investigations, the involvement of several police officers has come to light, the former Director of Lezha Henrigert Mitri, currently in the Central Police Directorate, and the former head of the traffic and narcotics section in this city, he is also currently on duty as a police officer. , both connected to one of the criminal groups and engaged in the cultivation of narcotic plants.

Also, the investigations have led to the discovery of the connections with criminal groups of two former special forces operatives.

During the operation for the execution of the arrest warrants, checks were carried out in 50 apartments in Tirana, Durrës, Vlora, Shkodër, Lezhë, Rëshen, Kurbin, Fushë-Krujë and Krujë, where the bases of the groups were.

The Special Prosecutor's Office announced that it has seized armored vehicles, jewelry, gold bars and monetary values, for a total of nearly 4.5 million euros, of which 3 million euros are cash./VOA

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