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Mitsotakis message to Rama after the rally in Athens: He cannot ignore the terms of EU membership

Mitsotakis message to Rama after the rally in Athens: He cannot ignore the terms


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has commented on the visit to Athens and the meeting of Prime Minister Edi Rama with the Albanian diaspora.

In an interview with the Macedonian media, Mitsotakis said that it was a private visit that there was no reason for the Greek government to stop.

Mitsotakis reminded Rama of Albania's integration into the EU when he said that he should not forget to respect the rule of law, referring to the Beleri case.

"Edi Rama's visit here was private, just like the relevant pre-election speeches he has already planned in other countries, in view of the elections in Albania. The government had no reason to stop him. Simply because the Hellenic Republic has nothing to fear from an event such.

Issues in Greek-Albanian relations certainly remain. And the prime minister of Albania cannot ignore the conditions for his country's membership in the EU. First, respect for the rule of law, which is provided for in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union.

I will be clear: with the illegal detention of the elected mayor of the Municipality of Himara, now ND candidate for the European Parliament, Fredi Beleri, Albania violates the value of the rule of law, abrogating his self-evident right to was judged, the presumption of innocence. Therefore, this is not only a bilateral issue, but primarily a European issue. And since Albania's membership path depends on respecting the fundamental rights of the Greek minority, it inevitably passes through our country. Not to "conciliate" or "punish". But to see Albania joining without problems on the path of European values" , said Mitsotakis.

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