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"I feel like Superman", Ibrahimovic does not think of retiring: I am like a bomb and bombs explode

"I feel like Superman", Ibrahimovic does not think of retiring: I am

Zlatan Ibrahimovic postpones his retirement date again. At almost 42 and at the end of an injury-plagued season with just 4 appearances, the Swedish striker confirms he wants to try again.

"I'm not one to give up. But there must also be joy in what you do, I can't help but have peace in what I can do as a number 1, playing football. But we're not there yet, I think I still have to give. Do I think to stop? I don't think so, I think I'll keep playing, but I have to find the balance like in life: if you don't have peace, stability, you're a bomb and a bomb explode."

Ibra then spoke about his health: "I'm fine, I'm fine. I worked hard, I forced a lot, not only this year, but also last year. But when I was eliminated, the team needed it and when you did something my life when you know what you have to do but you can't do it then it goes on why don't you give yourself peace I don't give myself peace I haven't found balance yet. I feel like Superman every time I come back but I have to have balance."

His future looks far away from Milan, but the Swede says nothing about it: "I'm fine in Milan, Milan is my home. I don't know anything about my contract, last year I told Maldini: 'Do it yourself'. And I got a sheet to sign. It's enough for me to know that I'm a Milan player and then I know what I have to do, the rest doesn't matter. I only care about returning to the field, otherwise the joy diminishes. I still want to, but it is the necessary balance".

Finally, the Monza hypothesis: "Galliani calls me every day for three years and always tells me that Monza is beautiful, that it has a beautiful nature and that the contract is already on the table, but I am a Milan player and I. I am proud of that. At a certain age there is no more ego, you don't need to demonstrate. I'm here to help Milan, not like now. I want to be on the field, there I can help much more."

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