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"Helped by gangs", Albanians top the list for fake marriages in Britain

"Helped by gangs", Albanians top the list for fake marriages in

Hundreds of people using sham marriages to stay in the UK. Almost half of all bogus marriages identified in the UK after Brexit involved an Albanian citizen, according to data published by the BBC.

The data shows that 365 couples tried to use a post-Brexit scheme, 146 of the cases have an Albanian citizen.

Dr Ervin Muco told the BBC that gangs facilitate such schemes for "people who are prepared to pay". He added that some of the men who leave Albania "try to find women from European countries that they can marry. They can have all the benefits of being a European citizen."

However, former police chief Krenar Ahmeti admits that criminal gangs are essential.

“Anyone who aspires to live in a wealthy country knows that there are some key documents they need if they are going to integrate into that society,” he said, “but they also often need an organization to help them achieve it this."

Therefore, the British authorities announced that: "We take the abuse of spousal immigration routes very seriously. We will not hesitate to take enforcement action against individuals found in a sham marriage or civil partnership, including canceling their leave and removing them from the UK.”

Albania is also one of the leading countries for asylum applications in the EU and the UK, with over 1,000 applications per month. In addition, thousands leave the country via alternative means with plans to enter countries such as the UK illegally.

Source: BBC

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