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Bring out the dead debtors, 400 residents learn at Waterworks

Bring out the dead debtors, 400 residents learn at Waterworks

In Milot, out of 960 subscribers, 400 of them became debtors in the years 2007-2013, years when there was no water at all and residents were billed for nothing, for the water meter tax.

Residents say that they were billed 200-500 thousand old Lek unfairly. Those injured by this measure indicate that they were regular from 2013-2023.

But now they have become debtors for the years 2007-2013, after a full 15 years.

"We paid them physically in hand and in cash. Surprisingly, they are unpaid both in hand and in cash, but in the books they are paid", said a resident.

"As soon as the elections were over, this scam came out. Until 2023, none was recalled," said another.

"Here is the passbook in my father's name, I owe 300,000 Lek. My father has been dead for 5 years," said another resident.

The journalist, together with the residents of the area, goes to the Milot water supply office, where the specialist tells her that 400 subscribers are debtors in the system. Moreover, she directs them to the directorate.

"With the decision of the council, they entered the system as debtors. More about this at the directorate. That's what they told me. I told him to go to the company because they have the data", said the employee.

The director of the Lezhë Waterworks office removes all responsibility for the case, passing the ball to the Kurbin Service Unit.

"You will get this answer at the Kurbin Service Unit. Now (the problem) is created. You will get the answer at the Kurbin Service Unit", he said.

In the Kurbin Service Unit, they tell us that according to the documents, these residents are debtors in the system. But when we verify a case that has a book, book sheets and a debtor appears in the system, the employee admitted the mistake.

"The system is in debt for 4 months. It is technical error, human error. Don't ask difficult questions," he said. Clan TV


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