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Çollaku: Rama and his government should declare whether or not they have SKY ECC phones

Çollaku: Rama and his government should declare whether or not they have

Journalist Basir Çollaku has spoken about the SKY ECC phones, a file that came from France.

Çollaku told Syri TV that Rama and his government should declare whether or not they are using these phones.

"The Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Justice, the Prime Minister, the government cabinet must declare whether or not they have Sky Ecc phones. This is a moral declaration, it does not amount to anything. Regardless of how they express themselves in a letter, which they themselves will administer it, they cannot undo the documentation that is in France, despite Balla's efforts to make noise in TIMS, they cannot remove the original that the Americans have.

All data, no matter how they used it, for good or bad. For the good of bargains and scams, not for justice, they cannot undo them. 1 million pages have arrived at SPAK.

Half of the government is there. Ministers, we have ministers in this story. This story is no longer a rumor. They are involved in these dealings with bandits, in communications with criminal groups. They consume criminal acts, produce money, invest, clean.

There are also joint electoral headquarters that benefit from power, mandates, municipalities, ministers in the administration where they have them.

A vicious circle is created from which SPAK sees it as impossible, it must get out on its own. In this case, the opposition is a great help to the special prosecution. Those commissions, 8 requests made by the opposition to create commissions, are 8 new opportunities to push forward the investigation, to take these officials as defendants, who continue to be in their offices and have access to evidence to destroy evidence, testimony and to seriously undermine the quality of the investigation.

Rama has his own files, he has his brother's problems. There is the trouble of the family yard with files. These are not atmospheric troubles, they are criminal histories that have caused a great deal of financial damage. There are benefits, we will not stay looking only offshore, because offshore is in the middle of Tirana" , said Çollaku.

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