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"Without the death of the father live", says the friend of the actor who committed suicide in the USA

"Without the death of the father live", says the friend of the actor

Albanian actor Florind Belliu and his wife Ornela lost their lives after jumping from the sixth floor of a building in New York, USA.

Belli's friend and colleague, Andi Llabuti, has told Euronews Albania the circumstances and causes that may have led the actor to commit suicide.

Llabuti told about the difficult period that Belliu went through a year ago. Florindi was talking to his father on a video camera when his father passed away. Belliu saw the death scene live, which, according to Llabuti, aggravated the actor's condition.

"Flor has had a difficult period. Everything is related to the loss of Flori's father a year and a half ago, she put the lid on it. Flori was with his wife and children in New York and his parents were in Tirana. He has had a very difficult situation relating this to his father.

At the moment when Flori was talking to his father on camera, his father passed away. He saw the whole situation live. This was the scene that Flori watched live from the camera and the worst was that Flori could not come to the funeral, because he did not have the documents", said Llabuti.

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