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Equipment out of order at the Oncology Center, the lack of medicines endangers the lives of patients

Equipment out of order at the Oncology Center, the lack of medicines endangers

For a long time, Oncology patients have been complaining about the malfunctioning of medical equipment and the lack of medicines in this hospital.

Desperate and almost given up by the long ordeal with the fight against cancer, they cannot receive service at this hospital.

Unfortunately, there is only one such specialized center in Albania, where all patients diagnosed with tumor diseases from regional hospitals, from south to north, come to be treated.

But from an audit report of the 'High State Control' it is observed that the basic equipment for the treatment of patients with tumor diseases does not work, while the budget for their treatment occupies a small weight in the budget of QSNUT.

The report emphasizes that 600 women affected by gynecological cancer were not treated with radiotherapy, because the Brachytherapy equipment is missing. There is also talk about not putting into operation the orthovoltage device, which treats skin cancer. For this reason, another 200 patients affected by melanoma have been left without service.

Also, KLSH finds that other equipment important for the treatment of tumor diseases is missing, such as: electric syringe device tubes, pumps, individual thermoplastic masks. The audit also found problems with the infrastructure, the small number of beds for chemotherapy and the presence of humidity in patient rooms, 1001 problems in a health sector such as oncology, where life and death are so close.

Does inhumanity have limits in this hospital center, the largest, the most modern and the most valued in the country? Is it someone who has to answer in front of 1000's of patients and their families?

For this investigative show 'Piranjat', they questioned the general director of QSUNT, Albana Ficon.

'We have new orthovoltage, brachytherapy…You are totally wrong…Can I tell you something? Come to QSUT yourself and we'll talk.'

Since the director requested that the 'Piranhas' go to visit her at the hospital, they went to check if the medical equipment is functional.

When the 'Piranjas' arrived at the hospital, the director did not come out at any time to answer.

For this reason, the 'Piranjas' were forced to contact him by phone, but even here without result and after three hours it is the secretary's turn to clarify that they have to wait a few days to have a meeting, which, however, has nothing to do with the long wait of hundreds of oncology patients, who stand every day for hours in the corridors of this hospital, with the hope that things will change one day./SyriTV

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